Version 3.0
May 25, 2021

Version 3.0 is all about layouts and improvements with the longest changelog ever that has been in development since November 2020. This update is still based on latest Bootstrap 4.* version due to very slow process of dropping IE11 by customers and organizations. The next update will include a completely new version of Limitless based on Bootstrap 5, where template core and all components will be written on vanilla JS, components/apps/layouts will be separated and themes will be based on CSS variables (where dark theme will be available for all light themes). Technically it will be a new template created from scratch, which has even more flexibility and layout options. And of course will be available for free for all fellow customers that already have Limitless license.

Future plans
The next update is in progress since February. It will be fully based on vanilla JS with no jQuery dependency and the main goal will be the following:
  1. Bootstrap 5
  2. Extended theming support with CSS variables, meaning each theme will have its own dark version that can be switched without full page reload. Including OS detection
  3. New improved file structure to speed up updates
  4. A bunch of fully featured apps: help system, kanban boards, project management, booking system, real estate system, messaging system, emails, ecommerce etc.
  5. New layouts and new themes
  6. Refreshed design
  7. No IE support
  8. Vue.js version (free addition to the template, not a new template)
  9. etc
ETA is a few months from now, it's in very active development. Version based on Bootstrap 4 will be still supported for those who need IE compatibility. Migration process will be fully documented and shouldn't take long.

											// # List of new things
											// ------------------------------

											[new]  New child layout
											[new]  ECharts maps
											[new]  Dynamic “Back to top” button
											[new]  Sliding panels 
											[new]  Design system and UI library for Sketch 
											[new]  Filled inputs in Material theme
											[new]  CSS driven floating labels in Material theme
											[new]  Material theme - ripple effect in form controls
											[new]  Dark theme redesign
											[new]  Custom responsive navbars
											[new]  New tabbed horizontal navigation layout
											[new]  New sidebar structure with custom sticky areas and independent scrolling
											[new]  New lightbox library
											[new]  Added responsive dropdown behaviour to navbars. Now you can control dropdown visibility on mobile
											[new]  Added 2 vertical directions to conversation layouts: top and bottom. JS free
											[new]  Custom CSS scrollbars with OS detection

											// # List of fixes
											// ------------------------------

											[fixed]  User menu in navbar - If user name is empty, navigation item has wrong height
											[fixed]  Footers in layout 5 don’t support boxed layouts
											[fixed]  IE11 - .flex-0 utility class doesn’t work properly
											[fixed]  Screen black after close sweet toast callback
											[fixed]  Wrong SCSS calculations in navbar sizes
											[fixed]  Logo in different navbar sizes has incorrect vertical alignment
											[fixed]  Responsive tables - styles are missed for default and material themes
											[fixed]  Placeholder in multiple Select2 is not visible
											[fixed]  FAB - visible labels break the component if it's triggered on hover
											[fixed]  In vertical tabs right aligned tabs shrink if content is short
											[fixed]  Fixed bug with chart resizing when layout has multiple sidebars
											[fixed]  Google Geo chart is not displayed
											[fixed]  Stagerred tornado chart - fixed bug with resize
											[fixed]  CKEditor always has unwanted scrollbar
											[fixed]  Input icon disappears when input in input group is in focus
											[fixed]  Z-index conflict between sidebars and static navbars
											[fixed]  Labeled buttons have incorrect icon size calculation
											[fixed]  Handsontable variables still exist in _variables-custom.scss
											[fixed]  LG/XL modals are larger than screen size on mobile
											[fixed]  IE11 - navbar has incorrect flex stretching and user menu gets hidden
											[fixed]  Scrollable dropdown with .dropdown-scrollable class hides submenus
											[fixed]  Outline buttons don’t have background color if button is a dropdown trigger
											[fixed]  Improved and extended CSS form controls
											[fixed]  Summernote air mode color picker is broken
											[fixed]  Summernote in RTL version - table dimension picker is broken
											[fixed]  CKEditor SCSS files are missing in some layout in /compile/
											[fixed]  Bootstrap file input. Modal in RTL has wrong navigation icons
											[fixed]  Bootstrap multi select - disabled items are still clickable in certain use cases
											[fixed]  Dropdown submenu doesn’t take 100% width of its parent
											[fixed]  All sticky elements are now 100% CSS driven

											// # List of improvements
											// ------------------------------

											[improved]  BREAKING CHANGE - default layout behaviour is changed from static to fixed in layouts 1 and 2. Layout is based on containers with independent scrollbars to support very complex layouts. Static layout is now optional and requires class=“layout-static” in HTML tag.
											[improved]  BREAKING CHANGE - significantly revised color system
											[improved]  BEAKING CHANGE - Significantly Improved sidebar resize and toggle options. The logic, JS and class names have been changed. Now sidebars can be toggled from any container, including sidebar itself
											[improved]  Moved away from cards in sidebars, now all sidebar sections have their own containers
											[improved]  Components in dark theme
											[improved]  Added hover/focus/active states to buttons and form inputs
											[improved]  List group component
											[improved]  Mini sidebar behaviour
											[improved]  Refactored and improved buttons
											[improved]  Now mini sidebar can be used on any breakpoint
											[improved]  Navigation with underline on desktop and mobile
											[improved]  Default font size and general typography
											[improved]  Change default breakpoint from md to lg and made them consistent across layouts 
											[improved]  Renamed color system classes (*-alpha|*-light-alpha|*-dark-alpha to *-100)
											[improved]  Draggable cards - replaced jQuery UI Sortable with custom vanilla JS component 
											[improved]  Added custom search field to navbar
											[improved]  Refactored JS code responsible for sidebar toggling
											[improved]  Refactored and improved core JS in app.js
											[improved]  Added form control usage examples in both light and dark navbars
											[improved]  Extended helpers classes
											[improved]  Embedded color system in the core and removed all related SCSS/CSS files (_colors.scss and _palette.scss)
											[improved]  Added an option to collapse and expand main sidebar
											[improved]  Added contextual classes to custom form controls
											[improved]  Removed blockui.min.js from default template config and replaced its functionality with custom component
											[improved]  Improved card controls and refactored JS related to reload/close/toggle
											[improved]  Replaced Uniform and Switchery with pure CSS controls
											[improved]  Form controls in material theme
											[improved]  Improved line height calculation, now they round up decimals
											[improved]  Added a set of useful SCSS functions (_ll-functions.scss)
											[improved]  Custom forms in input groups
											[improved]  Removed layout related options in _config.scss to avoid double configuration in gulp file and SCSS ($direction, $layout, $theme variables)
											[improved]  Made custom shadow classes available for all themes. It was a part of material theme only
											[improved]  Replaced custom JS scrollbars with CSS driven
											[improved]  Responsive layout
											[improved]  Bunch of improvements in RTL
											[improved]  Fancybox is replaced with more lightweight and flexible component
											[improved]  Improved form controls in dropdown menu
											[improved]  Error pages - design update
											[improved]  User profile - design update
											[improved]  Changed layout structure in Layout #5 to support sticky navbars and have more flexibility in top section
											[improved]  Improved form validation (both markup and JS config)
											[improved]  Documentation
											[improved]  Datatables - removed Select2 dependency for selects

											// # List of updates
											// ------------------------------

											[updated]  Dev dependencies
											[updated]  ECharts - echarts.min.js - to 4.9.0
											[updated]  Bootstrap - SCSS and bootstrap.bundle.min.js - to 4.6.0
											[updated]  jQuery - jQuery.min.js - to 3.6.0
											[updated]  Fullcalendar - to 5.7.0
											[updated]  Pick-a-date - picker.js, picker.time.js, - to 3.6.4
											[updated]  File input - fileinput.min.js - to 5.1.5
											[updated]  Velocity animation engine - velocity.min.js and velocityui.min.js - to 1.5.2
											[updated]  Daterange picker - daterangepicker.js - to 3.1
											[updated]  Bootbox alerts - bootbox.min.js - to 5.4.0
											[updated]  Validation - validate.min.js - to 1.19.2
											[updated]  Ace code editor - to 1.4.12
											[updated]  Summernote text editor - summernote.js - to 0.8.18
											[updated]  Trumbowyg text editor - trumbowyg.min.js - to 2.23.0
											[updated]  Maxlength - maxlength.min.js - to 1.10.0
											[updated]  Touchspin - touchspin.min.js - to 4.3.0
											[updated]  Bootstrap Multiselect - bootstrap_multiselect.js - custom version
											[updated]  Select2 - select2,min.js - to 4.0.13
											[updated]  i18Next - i18next.min.js and related - to the latest version
											[updated]  Image cropper - cropper.min.js - to 4.1.0
											[updated]  Noty notifications engine - noty.min.js - to 3.2.0
											[updated]  SweetSlert - sweet_alert.min.js - to 10.16.7 (to support IE11). You can use version 11 if you don’t need IE11 and legacy Edge support, CSS is compatible
											[updated]  Color picker - spectrum.min.js - to 1.8.1
											[updated]  ION range slider - ion_rangeslider.min.js - to 2.3.1
											[updated]  NoUI slider - nouislider.min.js - to 15.11.0
											[updated]  Datatables - datatables.min.js - to 1.10.24 (including all extensions)
											[updated]  Fancytree - fancytree_all.min.js - to 2.37.0
											[updated]  Dragula drag and drop library - dragula.min.js - to 3.7.3
											[updated]  Syntax highlighter - prism.min.js - to 1.23.0
											[updated]  Custom file uploader - fileinput.min.js - to 5.2.1 (including all plugins)
											[updated]  Dropzone file uploader - dropzone.min.js - to 5.7.2
											[updated]  Date/time formatting - moment.min.js - to 2.29.1

											// # List of removed things
											// ------------------------------

											[removed]  Uniform.js - in favour of CSS controls
											[removed]  Switchery - in favour of CSS controls
											[removed]  Dynamic pagination (bs_pagination.min.js)
											[removed]  Anytime date/time picker (anytime.min.js)
											[removed]  Sticky JS library (sticky.min.js)
											[removed]  Fancybox (fancybox.min.js) - replaced with GLightbox
											[removed]  Bootstrap switch (bootstrap_switch.min.js) - in favour of CSS controls
											[removed]  Perfect scrollbar (perfect_scrollbar.min.js) - in favour of custom CSS scrollbars
											[removed]  LegitRipple (ripple.min.js) - replaced with custom JS component
											[removed]  Datatables fixed header component due to the endless number of bugs. Will be replaced with pure CSS solution
SCSS files to update

This section displays a list of updated SCSS files. Includes file name, path to this file and general description of changes. All list items are grouped in categories. This information allows you to quickly find and replace necessary files. Please keep your copies of SCSS files always up-to-date to avoid upgrading issues.

File Location Description
Updated layout files
_sidebar.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/layout/ Improved active link highlights, added .sidebar-sticky to responsive classes, in material removed extra border styles, cleaned up and refactored SCSS code, sidebar toggle buttons, removed .sidebar-xs and replaced with .sidebar-main-resized class, made mini sidebar responsive, changed the way how expand/collapse work
_content.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/layout/ Removed overflow: auto; from .content-wrapper, added .btn-to-top styles
_header.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/layout/ In layout 5 only - removed shadows from light and dark headers, default and material theme - removed margin bottom from .page-header-dark, .page-header-content styles, added removed bottom border in dark theme and added shadows to light and dark headers, dark layout - .page-header-content and breadcrumbs line top border width
Updated core files
_variables-core.scss /scss/layouts/[layout]/[theme]/variables/ Some variables are updated, some are new and some are removed. Here is a list of changes:
																	// Updated vars
















																	// Removed vars


																	// New vars

																	New color variables in all layouts
_variables-custom.scss /scss/layouts/[layout]/[theme]/variables/ Changed active and hover background color for dark sidebar. List of variables that have been updated:
																	// Updated vars

																	$icon-* variables













																	// Removed vars

																	$theme-colors-light and map



																	// New vars



Updated components
_breadcrumbs.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ .breadcrumb-line refactoring (.breadcrumb-elements-item and .breadcrumb-item classes), removed .breadcrumb-line-component styles and moved markup to page header since it was the only use case for that class name. Changes in _header.scss are also related to .breadcrumb-line-component removal
_forms.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Removed dark input options, removed custom background color support for .form-control, added .form-check-horizontal to align checkboxes/radios properly in horizontal forms
_dropdown.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Removed .content-toggle related styles, refactored RTL code, removed dark badge color adjustment, added responsive .dropdown-scrollable classes
_buttons.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ All layouts and themes - fixed padding calculation in .btn-labeled, added missing sizing options for .btn-labeled-right, other minor updates
_modal.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Added styles for sliding panels; removed custom border radius from .modal-header
_list-group.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Nav group item divider and .nav-group-item borders; removed dark badge color adjustment
_custom-forms.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Checkboxes, radios and switches - full redesign
_reboot.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Added custom scrollbars styles
_input-group.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ In material theme: updated styling and added filled inputs
_pagination.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Removed background color in disabled items in .pagination-flat
_type.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ .list-icons styles revamp, removed .text-default (use .text-body instead) and .text-white (comes in bootstrap core)
_tables.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Styles for foot in .table-dark class, removed .table-responsive classes and .table-borderless styles (exist in bootstrap core)
_nav.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Added styles for .nav-tabs-solid-custom
_badge.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Badge inside icons (in all layouts and themes) - to copy to material and dark; removed .badge-icon and replaced with utility classes
_navbar.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ .navbar-expand changes, removed dark badge color adjustment, styles for navbar component, navbar toggles in large and small navbars, navbar header updates, added .nav-item-dropdown to keep dropdown on mobile, removed .navbar-component class and related HTML pages have been updated; changed z-index in .navbar-static class, added responsive .nav-item-dropdown classes
_card.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Card header styles, changes in [data-action="collapse"] style, added .card-overlay classes, added .card-overlay styles and overlay animations
_progress.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/bootstrap_limitless/ Removed overflow: hidden; from .progress-bar
_datatable-buttons.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/tables/datatables/ Minor changes related to version upgrade
_uniform.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/ Removed
_switchery.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/ Removed
_switch.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/ Removed
_multiselect.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/ Minor updates, focus state for buttons
_tokenfield.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/ Minor changes
_tags-input.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/ Minor changes
_select2.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/ In material theme inline search input fixes and design updates, improved focus and hover states, removed support for custom colors
_dual-listbox.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/ In material theme - fixes for buttons
_summernote.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/editors/ Color picker and table insertion bugs, minor changes, removed alpha property from toolbar styling
_trumbowyg.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/editors/ Active state for buttons
_widgets.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/jquery_ui/ Active state for buttons, color system updates in .ui-selectmenu-button class
_date.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/pickers/pickadate Footer buttons and header/footer selects, active state for buttons
_time.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/pickers/pickadate Footer button, removed unnecessary z-indexes, active state for buttons
_spectrum.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/pickers/ Active state for buttons
_daterange.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/pickers/ All new code, related to migratin to a new version
_pnotify.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/notifications/ Input styles, variables update
_sweet-alerts.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/notifications/ Changes related to library upgrade
_plupload.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/uploaders/ Active state for buttons
_file-input.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/uploaders/ Changes related to library update
_dropzone.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/forms/uploaders/ Changes related to library update, active state for buttons
_fullcalendar.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/misc/ All code is new, related to v5 migration
_fab.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/misc/ Added an option to use FAB inside navbar
_prism.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/ui/ New version includes a few new plugins
_header-elements.scss /scss/themes/[theme]/components/ui/ Fixed - elements inside boxed layout have background, wrong spacing and borders; refactored code for header elements inside page header; breadcrumb line refactoring; updated padding in .card-header-tabs
_timelines.scss /scss/shared/pages/ Fixed padding in left and right direction
_chats.scss /scss/shared/pages/ Minor changes in .media-chat-scrollable class
Other files
_helpers.scss /scss/shared/utils/ Added !important to .flex-1 class, made shadow classes available for all themes, extended position classes, added translates, removed overflow classes, removed .shadow-0 (use .shadow-none instead), renamed .rounded-[top|bottom|left|right]-round to .rounded-[top|bottom|left|right]-pill, removed all alpha border styles, removed .border-1 classes (use .border classes instead), removed .border-x-2, .border-y-2, .border-x-3, .border-y-3 (use combination of top/bottom and left/right)
_ll-functions.scss /scss/shared/utils/ Added color mix for color system, added floor and ceil functions to round numbers
_ll-mixins.scss /scss/shared/utils/ Removed @ll-background-variant and @ll-border-variant mixins, replaced with single line properties
JS files to update

These are all JS files that have been changed during update process. It can be a library, plugin or a sample JS file with charts or specific page configuration - everything matters. Also includes file name, path to the file and brief description about changes made. Since JS files are responsible for template's functionality, it is required to keep them up-to-date.

In version 3.0 almost all demo JS files were edited and some were removed.

File Location Description
Updated core files
bootstrap.bundle.min.js /js/main/ Upgraded Bootstrap to the latest version
jquery.min.js /js/main/ Upgraded jQuery to the latest version
Updated demo pages
chat_layouts.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
colors_blue.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
colors_brown.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
colors_green.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
colors_grey.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
colors_light.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
colors_violet.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
components_dropdowns.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
components_media.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
components_pagination.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
datatables_extension_fixed_header.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
form_actions.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
form_checkboxes_radios.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
form_inputs.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
form_wizard_rtl.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
invoice_grid.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
job_apply.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
job_list.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
learning.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
login.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
navbar_multiple.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
sidebar_secondary.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
task_manager_grid.js /js/demo_pages/ Removed
All others /js/demo_pages/ Almost all other files have received minor updates - datatables config dropped select2 config, color classes were renamed, RTL/LTR switching etc.
All chart JS configs /js/demo_charts/ All chart configs have been updated
Updated components
sweet_alert.min.js /js/plugins/notifications/ Sweet Alert notifications library
noty.min.js /js/plugins/notifications/ Notification engine
bootbox.min.js /js/plugins/notifications/ Alert replacement
maxlength.min.js /js/plugins/forms/inputs/ Max input length counter
maxlength.min.js /js/plugins/forms/inputs/ Max input length counter
touchspin.min.js /js/plugins/forms/inputs/ Spinner inputs
bootstrap_multiselect.js /js/plugins/forms/selects/ Single and multiple select
select2.min.js /js/plugins/forms/selects/ Select2 selects
validate.min.js and related /js/plugins/forms/validation/ Form validation
Fullcalendar files /js/plugins/ui/fullcalendar/ Fullcalendar files - full override
Pick-a-date files /js/plugins/pickers/pickadate/ Date and time picker
daterangepicker.js /js/plugins/pickers/ Date range picker picker
spectrum.min.js /js/plugins/pickers/ Color picker
fileinput.min.js and related /js/plugins/uploaders/fileinput/ Bootstrap file input and plugins
dropzone.min.js /js/plugins/uploaders/ Dropzone file uploader
velocity.min.jsvelocity.ui.min.js /js/velocity/ JS animation engine
echarts.min.js /js/plugins/visualization/echarts/ ECharts visualization library
c3.min.js /js/plugins/visualization/c3/ C3.js charting library
trumbowyg.min.js and related /js/plugins/editors/ Trumbowyg text editor and plugins
summernote.min.js /js/plugins/editors/ Summernote text editor
ckeditor.js and related /js/plugins/editors/ckeditor/ CKEditor text editor
ace.js and related /js/plugins/editors/ace/ Ace code editor
nouislider.min.js /js/plugins/sliders/ NoUI slider library
ion_rangeslider.min.js /js/plugins/sliders/ ION range slider library
i18next.min.js and related /js/plugins/internationalization/ Localization library
moment.min.js and related /js/plugins/ui/moment/ Moment.js library
/Template/ Gulp tasks and dependencies
cropper.min.js /js/plugins/media/ Image cropper
glightbox.min.js /js/plugins/media/ [NEW] lightbox library
prism.min.js /js/plugins/ui/ Syntax highlighter
dragula.min.js /js/plugins/ui/ Enhanced drag and drop library
fancytree.min.js and related /js/plugins/trees/ Tree view library
datatables.min.js and all extensions /js/plugins/tables/ Datatables library
fancybox.min.js /js/plugins/media/ Removed
switchery.min.js /js/plugins/forms/inputs/ Removed
bootstrap_switch.min.js /js/plugins/forms/inputs/ Removed
perfect_scrollbar.min.js /js/plugins/ui/ Removed
ripple.min.js /js/plugins/ui/ Removed
uniform.min.js /js/plugins/forms/inputs/ Removed
anytime.min.js /js/plugins/pickers/ Removed
ripple.min.js /js/plugins/ui/ Removed
sticky.min.js /js/plugins/ui/ Removed
bs_pagination.min.js /js/plugins/pagination/ Removed
HTML files to update

In version 3.0 all files were updated, with no exceptions.

Version 2.3
November 10, 2019

Version 2.3 includes a long awaited dark theme, library updates, bunch of improvements and a couple of components that have been removed due to various reasons. This update is the last one in 2.* series, next will be 3.0 that will include quite a lot of new app pages and general design update. Don't worry, without major changes for fellow users, I'll make sure upgrade process will be as simple as possible. And Bootstrap 3 version will be finally removed.

											// # List of new things
											// ------------------------------

											[new]  Dark theme
											[new]  SweetAlert toasts
											[new]  selection.json file for Icomoon icon set (to edit current set and generate new font)

											// # List of updates
											// ------------------------------

											[updated]  Select2 - select2.min.js - to 4.0.10
											[updated]  Form validation - validate.min.js - to 1.19.1
											[updated]  Fullcalendar - fullcalendar.min.js - to 4.3.1
											[updated]  File input - fileinput.min.js - to 5.0.6
											[updated]  Dropzone - dropzone.min.js - to 5.5.0
											[updated]  C3.js - c3.min.js - to 0.4.22
											[updated]  Footable - footable.min.js - to 3.1.6
											[updated]  Trumbowyg editor - trumbowyg.min.js and related - to 2.20.0
											[updated]  Summernote - summernote.min.js - to 0.8.12
											[updated]  Sweet Alert - sweet_alert.min.js - to 8.16.0
											[updated]  NoUI slider - nouislider.min.js - to 14.0.2
											[updated]  CKEditor - ckeditor.js - to 4.12.1
											[updated]  i18next - i18next.min.js and related - to 19.0.0
											[updated]  Moment.js - moment.min.js - to 2.24.0
											[updated]  gulpfile.js and package.json - updated dependencies to support latest version gulp version

											// # List of fixes
											// ------------------------------

											[fixed]  Scrollbars are always visible in sidebar
											[fixed]  Datatables - Copy dialog styling is missing
											[fixed]  Remove $table-dark-color duplicate
											[fixed]  Nav links show dotted borders in FF
											[fixed]  Summernote - sticky toolbar is hidden
											[fixed]  PNotify - bottom stacks are broken on mobile
											[fixed]  Update bootstrap.bundle.min.js to latest
											[fixed]  Dropdown items have smaller height in icons list
											[fixed]  Custom select has wrong right padding
											[fixed]  Fixed ECharts resizing bug if charts are loaded from multiple JS files
											[fixed]  Custom controls have extra shadow on focus
											[fixed]  Content sidebar overlaps main sidebar on mobile
											[fixed]  File input - xixed wrong vertical alignment in file selector
											[fixed]  jQuery UI - fixed border radius in combo autocomplete
											[fixed]  Fixed double background color in Inbox toolbars
											[fixed]  Vertical lines are always centered in timelines
											[fixed]  Mega menu dropdown positioning in RTL layout
											[fixed]  Summernote - image editor styling is broken
											[fixed]  RTL - mega menu with table displayed incorrectly

											// # List of improvements
											// ------------------------------

											[improved]  Added support for custom CKEditor themes and setup SCSS compilation (including new gulp task)
											[improved]  All chart configurations are now moved to separate files
											[improved]  Refactored SCSS files (replaced hard coded values with variables and cleaned up the code)
											[improved]  Improved custom controls styling
											[improved]  Google charts styling
											[improved]  Improved D3.js charts styling config in JS and SCSS
											[improved]  Replaced jQuery code with vanilla JS in chart configs
											[improved]  Folder structure in global assets
											[improved]  Dashboard JS configs
											[improved]  jQuery UI Datepicker - improved font styles in month and year selects
											[improved]  Improved toast component styling
											[improved]  Bunch of RTL improvements
											[improved]  Documentation

											// # List of removed things
											// ------------------------------

											[removed]  Bootstrap 3 version - contact me if you need it
											[removed]  Dimple charts - outdated and not maintained anymore
											[removed]  Handsontable - the team merged free and premium versions and latest releases require license for commercial projects issued per developer. Latest free version is full of bugs and not maintained anymore.
Version 2.2
April 2, 2019

Version 2.2 is a quick update that includes mostly bug fixes reported by active users and updates of all components to the most recent version. Initial plan was to deliver a big update with lots of new things, but creating of those things take time and users asked to split it up into 2 separate updates. This is the first part. Although it's the first part, it includes some critical changes in SCSS files related to icon sets. Follow the list of changed files for more info.

											// # List of updates
											// ------------------------------

											[updated]  Bootstrap to 4.3.1
											[updated]  NoUI slider (nouislider.min.js) - to 13.1.3
											[updated]  ION range slider (ion_rangeslider.min.js) - to 2.3.0
											[updated]  ECharts (charts.min.js) - to 4.1.0
											[updated]  Image cropper (cropper.min.js) - to 4.0.0
											[updated]  Bootstrap file input (fileinput.min.js and related) - to 4.5.2
											[updated]  Fullcalendar files - to 4.0.1
											[updated]  Trumbowyg editor (trumbowyg.min.js and related) - to 2.14.0
											[updated]  SweetAlert2 (sweet_alert.min.js) - to 7.29.1
											[updated]  Font Awesome - to 5.5.0
											[updated]  AnimateCSS - to 3.7.0
											[updated]  Bootstrap file input (fileinput) - to 4.5.2

											// # List of fixes
											// ------------------------------

											[fixed]  Form wizard - Current/completed step icon in IE 11
											[fixed]  IE placeholder broken
											[fixed]  Inline form in jQuery UI dialog is broken
											[fixed]  SweetAlert - multiple issues popped up during library upgrade
											[fixed]  Trumbowyg - checkboxes in modals are misaligned
											[fixed]  IE11 - SweetAlert2 - Promise library is required
											[fixed]  IE11 - layouts 2 and 4 have extra scrollbar in content area
											[fixed]  IE11 - Datatable footer has extra whitespace
											[fixed]  Boxed layout - Timelines - vertical lines are not visible
											[fixed]  Wrong path to panel_bg.png file
											[fixed]  RTL layout - wrong icons in pagination
											[fixed]  RTL layout - newer Fullcalendar version breaks the layout
											[fixed]  NoUI slider pips styling
											[fixed]  Pickadate picker width
											[fixed]  ECharts library throws JS errors if DOM element doesn't exist 
											[fixed]  Fullcalendar throws JS errors if DOM element doesn't exist
											[fixed]  AJAX and Dynamic Queue examples of Sweet Alert
											[fixed]  BlockUI in sidebar doesn't show up

											// # List of improvements
											// ------------------------------

											[improved]  Converted all icon sets to SCSS
											[improved]  Users now can replace default icon sets in SCSS
											[improved]  Replaced all hardcoded icon codes with a set of variables
											[improved]  Refactored bunch of JS and SCSS files
											[improved]  Removed unused mixin overrides
											[improved]  Now all icons include unicode
Version 2.1
September 26, 2018

This version includes fixes for all bugs reported by fellow users - IE/Edge browsers issues, missing rules in various components and a bunch of improvements. This is the last update that is focused only on bug fixing, starting from the next one the main focus will be new layouts, themes and functionality. This means that migration from BS3 to BS4 is finally over.

											// # List of updates
											// ------------------------------

											[updated]	 Bootstrap to 4.1.3

											// # List of fixes
											// ------------------------------

											[fixed]	 IE11/Edge - userpic in navbar increases navbar height
											[fixed]  IE11/Edge - badges in navbar are misaligned
											[fixed]	 IE11/Edge - sidebar content is hidden in fixed layout
											[fixed]	 IE11/Edge - native scrollbar is visible in container with custom scrollbar
											[fixed]	 Layouts 3/4/5 - Fixed sidebar styles still exist in _sidebar.scss
											[fixed]	 Reversed rotation animation has incorrect animation name
											[fixed]	 Pick-a-Date: Missing min-width CSS rule
											[fixed]	 Pick-a-Date: Month/year drop-down
											[fixed]	 Select2: in multiple select results text doesn't wrap
											[fixed]	 Select2: custom light background applies incorrect shadow and placeholder color
											[fixed]	 Replace input type="datetime" with input type="datetime-local"
											[fixed]	 Pricing tables - text color in corner ribbon is incorrect
											[fixed]	 RTL - Mail list page - dropdowns in mail selection appear behind sidebar
											[fixed]	 RTL - In navbar button dropdowns don't support .dropdown-menu-right class
											[fixed]  Set of border utility classes mentioned in helpers has incorrect side names
											[fixed]  Documentation: Badge class still shows "badge-block" instead of "d-block"

											// # List of improvements
											// ------------------------------

											[improved]  Removed file extensions in components.scss
Version 2.0.1
June 20, 2018

Quick update that includes bug fixes for version 2.0, the most important one is IE10/11 browser support - now all layouts work fine in IE10+. Here is a list of changes:

											// # List of fixes
											// ------------------------------

											[fixed]  Flexbox layout is broken in IE10 and IE11
											[fixed]  Right aligned custom checkers are misaligned
											[fixed]  Multiselect menu should have 100% width by default
											[fixed]  Sectioned sidebar with custom background color has wrong background in collapsed mode
Version 2.0
June 20, 2018

Bootstrap 4 version has its own changelog, because 2 Bootstrap version are completely different. Major part of components have been customized in order to support BS4 and flexbox layout, so components from BS3 can be used in this version. Since all components are the same in all layouts, the template now supports 1 main layout and 4 child layouts - this means only 1st layout includes all components, child layouts include only layout-related files. This makes maintenance easy and fast. Main highlights:

  • Adapted 3rd party components
  • Latest versions of all main libraries
  • Built with SCSS
  • Improved gulp tasks
  • Based on flexbox model
  • Single set of assets for all layouts
  • Moved to modular JS pattern
  • All bugfixes and improvements from BS3 are included
  • Updated all examples
  • High attention to details
  • Improved file structure
  • Improved starter kit
  • Improved vertical navigation
  • Improved multi level navigation in navbar
  • Mega menu has been extended
  • Improved performance
  • Removed old and unmaintained libraries
  • Single SCSS configuration file with all components
  • Improved theming support
  • Simple style editing
  • ... and much more
Important note: since every single line of code is completely different from Bootstrap 3 version, there's no any migration guide: markup, class names, source files, pre-processors and logic are different. But both versions have their own extensive documentation. Bootstrap 3 is officially in maintenance mode since 2017 and from now on I am mainly focused on extending and improving BS4 version.