Limitless - responsive web application kit

A powerful, scalable and flexible web application kit. One style, 6 layouts, hundreds of components, thousands of pages and unlimited possibilities!

Limitless - main layout preview

Main layout includes a full set of elements, components, extensions, custom pages, widgets, charts and layout options. Child layouts are shells and include only layout related pages, but support all available components from the main layout. SCSS files are well structured so that you can easily find necessary one, whether it's a component or layout.


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Child layouts preview

Child layouts include only layout related pages, this makes all layouts extremely easy to maintain and new layouts can be developed faster. Although components are not included, all styles exist in CSS files, which means all components and all options from the main layout are supported. You can use all of them in all layouts.
Child layout #1
The most popular modern layout with main light navbar, transparent page header and full height dark sidebar. Logo has 2 options depending on sidebar width.
Child layout #2
Layout with full width navbar and page header. Sidebar is a part of content and can be either stretched vertically or displayed as a block element with auto height.
Child layout #3
Full width layout with multiple static or fixed navbars and horizontal multi level navigation (single or multiple columns). Sidebar is a part of content and optional.
Child layout #4
Layout with multiple navbar and dark page header in between. All top components have the same dark background color, content has extra horizontal spacing.
Child layout #5
Layout with single navbar, tabbed horizonta navigation and boxed layout. Supports up to 6 columns and is fully responsive.
Child layout #6
Clean layout with transparent sidebar and light content area. Simple and elegant, this layout is a mix of classic styling and new modern look and feel.

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If you need to customize Limitless to match your branding or business needs, nobody knows its code better than developer who has created it. Please fill in the form below or contact me directly to discuss possible cooperation. Please keep in mind that all fields are required. Permanent full time positions are also considered.
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Used by over 12000 customers worldwide

Limitless is a popular UI kit used by market leaders in various fields: in own internal and external applications, 3rd party software and subsidiary projects

Why Limitless template?

Limitless is based on popular Bootstrap framework and includes all default components and more than 200 third party integrated libraries, including full localisation support, starter kit and tons of layout options. Besides perfectly crafted code and pixel perfect design, core Limitless features are:
Hundreds of HTML pages
Limitless template includes hundreds of static HTML pages, all of them are ready for integration
Fully based on SCSS
Template is fully based on SCSS and CSS variables for advanced theming support
Hundreds of components
Includes extended BS components, 100+ plugins and extensions and extended layout options
Data visualization
Includes ECharts, C3.js, Google charting libraries and advanced native D3.js charts
Translation ready
Limitless supports i18next library integration, which allows you to translate your content on-the-fly
Multi level navigation
Supports collapsible and accordion vertical nav, multi level horizontal nav and mega menu
Detailed documentation
Comes with very detailed docs and includes options, features and descriptions with screenshots
Starter kit
Each layout includes a set of blank pages with basic functionality to simplify development process
6 ready-to-use layouts
Includes most common layout types, based on responsive grid and supports up to 5 sidebars
Color system
Includes custom color system with 6 primary and 5 secondary color palettes
Set of custom pages
A set of pre-built custom pages: search, galleries, registrations, logins, users, error pages, chats etc.
Advanced mega menu
Supports horizontal navigation with advanced mega menu and extended components

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Limitless offers 2 licenses - Regular and Extended. Each license is issued once at the time of purchase and does not require extension. All updates are always free for all existing and new customers. Support is provided under Envato support regulations and does not include customization.
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