Default theme

Starting from version 1.3, template themes are located in different folders. Default theme is located now in /default/ folder. Files structure remains the same.

Screenshot - default theme

Material theme

Material theme has been added in version 1.3. It does have a lot of differences with default theme:

  • HTML files - some of HTML files are different, mainly because some of features from default theme aren't supported
  • LESS files - here everything differs: all files are different from default theme - variables, components. Colors and default bootstrap theme are the same in all themes
  • JS files - mainly are the same as in default theme, but some of them have minor changes in integrated themes
Folder and file structure is the same in all themes.

Screenshot - material theme

Switching between themes

Since components and core features are identical in all themes, you can easily switch between themes - you just need to replace CSS files in your current theme with those from a theme you want to use. Also, depending on component or feature, you can also review JS files with example configurations located in global_assets/js/demo_pages/ folder - some pages contains a bit different configurations to match theme specifications: file uploaders, selects classes, colors etc. Nothing too important.

Screenshot - replace CSS files